FedEx Shipping for Newborn Screening Specimens

The Tennessee Department of Health appreciates the efforts of hospitals and primary care providers in assuring rapid testing of all newborns in the state for potentially life threatening genetic conditions. If a newborn has an initial dried blood spot that is unsatisfactory or abnormal, the primary care provider will be notified that a repeat specimen is needed if the child has been discharged from the hospital. To assist with submission of repeat specimens to the state laboratory, the Tennessee Newborn Screening Program is mailing FedEx overnight shipping labels to primary care providers who collect and submit newborn screening specimens to the state laboratory. Please note that these labels can only be used to send newborn screening specimens to the state laboratory, tracking is provided, and the labels do not expire. For questions about this process, please email To re-order labels, please email Please note that the State Newborn Screening Laboratory has begun testing on Saturdays and Sundays. The extended lab hours and FedEx overnight shipping will help the state meet the national goal of reporting out of range results by the fifth day of life and all results by the seventh day of life.

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