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Coding to Support Medical Home

Appropriate coding for services is essential to assuring fiscal solvency of comprehensive medical homes. However, many providers lack knowledge of codes used in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of more severe, time intensive disease processes. Time based coding, care coordination coding, and coding for care plan oversight allow physicians to spend adequate time proactively managing complex disease processes without endangering practice revenue or rushing through family education.

The TNAAP Complex Care Coordination Fact Sheet introduces care coordination and care plan oversight codes that help physicians bill appropriately for time spent in managing severe or chronic disease. The TNAAP Time Based Coding Fact Sheet introduces thresholds for time based coding and extended service codes. Other more comprehensive resources expound upon a full range of codes than can be applied across medical disciplines. TNAAP also provides a broad range of coding education modules and services, including Coding to Support Medical Home, chart audits, and billing audits. TNAAP also provides extended provider support in ICD-10.

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