Tobacco Exposure Reduction Project

****This project is not currently active****

Both clinicians and the public tend to underestimate the effects of tobacco use and exposure on pregnancy and human development, though the science is now clear.  Pre-term and underweight births are more likely to result from tobacco use than alcohol, marijuana or harder drugs. We also know that 20% of children have at least one smoking parent. Tobacco use by caregivers represents a major modifiable risk factor for multiple poor health outcomes.  We know that pregnancy and the immediate post-partum period are a time of high motivation to alter tobacco use. This project assisted practices in identifying, implementing and maintaining simple steps to assess newborns tobacco exposure and increase the rate of caregivers that decrease tobacco exposure to improve health outcomes of their children.

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Increase the number of children screened for tobacco exposure at the newborn visit to 90% and decrease the tobacco exposure rate at 2 months by 10% over the 12 months of the project.

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