Best Practice Provider Resource (BPPR) Project Description

**This project is not currently active**

In the 16 years since the Institute of Medicine released “To Err is Human,” translational and quality science research has had little impact on medical quality and value.  Kleinman et al. describe a need to progress on 2 intersecting fronts: empirical work needs to document and improve care in real time; and stakeholder engagement to develop a meaning-based understanding of health care.  PHiiT has brought a large stakeholder group together to define a high-value metrics panel to evaluate best practice in ambulatory pediatric practices.  These metrics were aggregated from CHIPRA, HEDIS and the National Improvement Partnership quality measures.  PHiiT has assisted practices in collecting these metrics, analyzing individual practice performance and assist QI Teams in each practice improvement.  This practice improvement will occur through coaching design tools, sharing solutions across practices and collaborative learning from the success and failures of participating practices.

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To incorporate the Best Practice Provider Resource, a high-value metric panel, into the ambulatory pediatric practice over the course of one year through monthly Quality Improvement efforts.

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