Program Description

This educational and practice improvement project is designed for primary care providers. This project will present, incorporate and sustain the use of high-value, chronic-care management processes for asthma. These key processes include:

  • Timely and scheduled chronic-care visits that mirror the trigger pattern for patients,
  • Appropriate use of inhaled corticosteroids in persistent asthmatics,
  • Updated asthma action plans,
  • Regular asthma control testing,
  • Annual spirometry,
  • Tobacco exposure reduction and
  • Influenza prevention.

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To develop an infrastructure designed to improve the quality of asthma-related care provided by a general pediatric practice.  This will include providing staff education, incorporating a quality improvement process and data collection system, and at least 4 quality improvement cycles over a 12 month period resulting in a 5% improvement in at least one critical asthma-related measure.

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Tennessee Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics