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Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Fellow Member  ($185) – Pediatrician or Pediatric Specialist licensed and practicing in Tennessee. Members of the AAP as Fellows, Candidate member, Specialty Fellows or Post-Residency Training Fellow shall be considered a Fellow of the TNAAP. Fellow members may serve on committees, vote and hold elective office.

Associate Member ($185) – A physician or pediatric dentist licensed and practicing in Tennessee who is also a member of the national AAP.

Chapter Affiliate Member ($185) – A pediatrician, pediatric specialist or pediatric dentist licensed and practicing in Tennessee who wishes to join the state chapter only and is not currently a member of the national AAP.

Allied Health Professional (PA, NP, etc.) ($95) – Any health professional, not stated in another category, who works in the field or specialty of pediatrics.

Professional Staff  ($95) – Practice managers or other office staff working in a pediatric field.

Resident Member (free) – Residents enrolled in a pediatric residency training program. Resident members of the AAP shall be considered a Resident member of the TNAAP.

Medical Student Member (free) – Medical students enrolled in a medical school and indicated a career choice in pediatrics. 


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